new look of my phone~~~ on Twitpic

new look of my phone~~~ on Twitpic


U-Kiss Asia MYX Promo!

U-Kiss Asia MYX Promo (May 24, 2010): Get a chance to win tickets to one of the hottest K-Pop events of the year! U-Kiss Live in Manila on May 29, 2010 at the Araneta Coliseum.

To join the promo, participants must watch Asia Myx on the following dates and times and wait for MYX to flash the “keyword” to the promo:

May 24, 2010 – 8:00 PM
May 26, 2010 – 9:30 AM
May 27, 2010 – 4:00 PM


UKISS Asia MYX Promo

During the course of the promotion, viewers of MYX will have to watch and wait for the keyword that will be announced on Asia MYX for them to be able to join the promo. The said keyword should be keyed in the MYX website Promo Page, together with the complete name, age, address, and gender of participants, no later than May 27, 2010 at 5:00 PM. Participants will have a chance to win U-Kiss Concert tickets. (Concert will be on May 29, 2010 at the Araneta Coliseum). Each winner will get 2 Upper Box A tickets; there will be 5 winners only. (Tickets priced at P4,224.00 each) Winning participants will be announced on-air. U-Kiss Promo is open to Metro Manila residents only.


1. To join the promo, participants must watch Asia Myx on the following dates and times:

May 24, 2010 – 8:00 PM
May 26, 2010 – 9:30 AM
May 27, 2010 – 4:00 PM

Wait for the announcement of keyword/s to join the promo. Keyword/s will be shown on the said timeslots.

2. After the announcement of keyword/s, participant must log on to the MYX website’s Promo Page (http://www.myxph.com/MYXPromos/tabid/388/Default.aspx?key=ukiss) to input the keyword and complete the online form (name, age, gender, address). Participants may send as many entries as they want from the time they saw the keyword until May 27, 2010 at 5 PM.

3. Participants may only win once per whole promo duration; in this case, the promo duration will be from May 24 - May 27, 2010 only.

4. An ABS-CBN Interactive and a DTI representative will be present during the raffle draw on May 27, 2010 at 7 PM at the 9th floor Eugenio Lopez Jr. Communications Center Building Cor. Mother Ignacia Avenue & Eugenio Lopez Jr. St. South Triangle, Quezon City.

5. There will be 5 winners drawn who will receive 2 tickets each. Their names will be announced on MYX. Winners will also be called by an ABS-CBN Interactive, Inc. representative for verification and information on how to claim their prize.

6. Aside from the announcement on-air and the telephone call from ABSi representative, winners will be notified via registered mail.

7. Prizes shall be awarded only upon completion of entire validation process outlined below, resulting in the participants being identified as legitimate winners.

8. ABSi will shoulder the DTI fees and conduct DTI draws.

9. Winners will shoulder all costs that they would incur in securing their prize (Bus Fares, Taxi Fares, Gas, Parking, Meals, etc.).

10. Starting 8:00 PM of May 27, 2010 until 12:00 NN of May 28, 2010, an ABS-CBN Interactive, Inc. representative will contact the winners and inform them where and when they can claim their prize. Winners can claim their prize from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM on May 28, 2010 at 9th Floor ELJCC Building, Mo. Ignacia Ave., Quezon City. (Look for Maricar Estacio). Winners will shoulder all costs that they would incur in securing their prize (Bus Fares, Taxi Fares, Gas, Parking, Meals, etc.).

11. The winner/s must present the following in order to claim their prize:

a. Notice sent by registered mail
b. One (1) valid ID with complete real name, age, gender picture and correct address. Photocopies of any of the documents (i.e. birth certificate, marriage contract, SSS ID, driver’s license, school ID and/or passport)
c. If the winner is a minor, then he/she must be accompanied by his/her parent/s or legal guardian.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Participants are presumed to have read, understood and agreed to abide by its complete rules and regulations.

2. Employees of ABS-CBN and its subsidiaries, including those of the sponsor, promoter, advertiser, and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promo.

3. ABS-CBN reserves the right to amend the rules and revise the mechanics without prior notice but with DTI approval.

Validation Process:

1. DTI representative shall be invited to check, test, validate and verify the computer system for receiving entries and registration assigning random computer generated raffle entries and drawing of winners. A copy of the said system shall be sealed in an envelope and signed by the DTI representative for safekeeping of ABS-CBN Interactive for verification of DTI at anytime.

2. A printed copy of the properties of the program shall be given to the DTI Representative after verification. The DTI representative shall check the database of the promo.

3. Another DTI representative will be invited to be present during the actual drawing of the raffle winners.

4. ABS-CBN Interactive will generate a list of qualified participants before the draw.

5. Raffle numbers will be assigned at random to all qualified participants in the presence of the DTI representative before drawing winners.

6. A copy of the list of winners shall be sealed in an envelope and signed by a DTI representative for safekeeping of ABS-CBN Interactive and for verification of DTI at anytime until all prizes are claimed.

7. Entries shall be drawn one at a time using the randomly assigned raffle number.

8. Aside from the 5 winners, Reserved Entries shall likewise be drawn. The reserved entries shall be numbered and the first reserved entry drawn shall be declared as the winning entry just in case one of the 5 winners is ruled by the Board of Judges as disqualified with approval from DTI. Process continues until all 5 winning slots are filled.

9. Reserved Entries will only be considered if:

a. Winner fails to timely present the required documents;
b. Winner fails to claim prizes on time;
c. Winner cannot be reached by phone call after 12 noon of May 28, 2010; or
d. Winner is otherwise disqualified in accordance with these mechanics.

10. After entries are drawn, they will be verified from the generated list by an ABS-CBN Interactive representative and the DTI representative. A soft copy of the generated list of qualified participants and assigned raffle entry shall also be given to the DTI representative. It is only upon this verification that winners will be declared.

11. The list of winners will be given to the DTI representative after determination.

12. A printed copy of the properties of the program shall be submitted to the DTI representative after each witnessed draw.

13. Database / list of participants shall include name, address, date, age, gender to include the raffle numbers assigned randomly.

Source: Myx Philippines


U-KISS~!!! ♥

aigoooo~!! why do i get get so
FRUSTRATED over them??? i really wonder why?? bcoz of their looks?? well honestly all of them are handsome people...NO DOUBT~!! could be the voice?? well all of their songs are DAMN GOOD~!! but why i am so frustrated with them?!?!?! they keep on flying in my mind~!! mostly i have a day dreams of them~!! GOSH~!! am i TOTALLY ADDICTED to them~?!?!? aigooooo~!! i so love them~!! i really need to go the concert~!! just faith + thinking positive~!! me and my friend will WON free tickets~!! and we really should~!! hahaha~!! HWAITING~!!!! ♥


sarangheyo dongseng~!! arigatou~!! :')

BEST FRIEND by Nishino Kana

gosh~!! i really cried when i heard this song~!! each line is so meaningful~!! it touches my heart~!! it really hits me~!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh~!!! its just a simple song~!! BUT has touched me so much~!! i really won't forget the person who sent this song as a message for me~!! who's the person~?!?!?

she is my dongseng~!! IISH dongseng~!! i may not know her personally~!! but with all honesty i'm great full to meet a person like her~!! ^^, i'll be her unnie always~!! ^^, gosh~!! we almost chat everyday~!! haha..can forget some silly talks..i even enjoy teasing her to LUN~!! (ayiiiiii~~!!) hahaha~!! coz it makes her smile like Yahoo Messenger~!! :D

i never get bored talking or chitchatting with this gal~!! it seems like we know each other very well~!!haha..we also shared some things in common~!! like our favorite color~!! VIOLET~!! but she also likes white~!! ^^, dongseng iish~!! how would i describe you?? i always call her pretty sexy dongseng~!! coz it fits her~!! 100%~!! i just wonder why some B*TCHES thought she's ugly??aha~!! maybe they are just envious with my dongseng~!! haha~!!coz my dongseng is so kawaii~!!

hmm~!! i wish i could meet MS POPULAR someday~!! coz i'm her NUMBER 1 FAN~!! hahaha..
*thinks* maybe i should make a fans club?? c",) hehehe~!! oooohh~!! i guess..i should first gather some members~!! hahaha~!!

dongseng~!! i just want you to know~!! i was really touched when you send me that link~!! HONTO NI ARIGATOU~!! with those message inside the song..it really touches the deepest part of my heart~!! i really LOVE it~!! thank you so much~!! ^^, and keep in mind i won't left you behind..i may not say goodbye (sometimes) but i'll always be back~!! to chitchat with you~!! you are a person worth to treasure and keep~!! i'll always be your unnie~!! you'll never be thrown away by me~!! you can have the assurance for my words..if you need someone to talk with..i'd be glad to have that talk with you~!! if you have problem..i'm willing to help.. ^^,

kimi ga ite kurete hontou yokatta yo
donna toki datte itsumo
waratte irareru
tatoeba, hanarete ite mo nannen tatte mo
zutto kawaranai deshou
watashitachi Best Friend
suki da yo, daisuki da yo"
dongseng~!!all i want to say i wll never forget you~!! "ANATA WO WASURENAI"

ありがとう~!! 私はあなたの愛~!!


what's LOVE~?!?!?


it's just a four letter word..but DAMN it's so hard to explain~!!! >.<" once it hits you~!! you're so dead!! ahahah...and even hurts you the most~!!
it gives a painful mark when it cause you heartbreak~!!

a simple story about love~!! (based on what i observed??experienced??) haha.. well, here it goes~!! love..at first is like a super high feelings~~!!like you're on the peak of your emotion~!!happiness all over..also its like even the darkest part of the day becomes so bright~!! (like the sun,star,moon)..it is good to feel..like you don't know the word "sadness..sorrow..hatred" [[some kind of that]] hmm..what else?? haha..running out of words?? (honestly i don't know what i am saying here???) hahahaha...what else?? aha! let's go to the SAD side of LOVE~~!! i felt how to be broken?? (even i haven't had BF since birth)..its like tearing you apart..sometimes thinking of it..like end of the world?? T^T sometimes even the funniest thing won't make you laugh~!! you end up crying and crying..blaming and blaming..regretting and regretting~~~!! aish!! -_-" but what can we do??? we are HUMAN~~!! we ought to love~!! loving is a feelings felt by each and everyone~!! there could be TRUE LOVE..PERFECT LOVE (but nobody's perfect)..FORBIDDEN LOVE..UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..and other loves...hahaha...

but what do i know about this~?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i haven't found any of those loves~~!! =.= NBSB?!?!hahaha...i'll just wait for destiny to pass by???i also have a weird emotion towards love..."when i discover that my crush have a feelings for me...i ended up losing the love..it fades off" <--see how weird?!?!? it would take a long time for me to be matured toward the issue of love~~!! ^^, still a childish girl eventhough i'm turning 19y/o..*sigh* i'm TOO AFRAID to fall inlove~!! o_O why??because i'm "AFRAID TO FALL BECAUSE THROUGH FALLING I MIGHT HURT" that's my point of view for now~~!! i still can't take the risk of falling~~!! :( such a coward~~!! maybe when the right time comes~!! i can conquer it~~!! ^^, haha..i must think positive~~!! ^^,

hey mister~!! who ever you are~~!! when i finally meet you~~!! hope you'll take good care of my heart~~!! i can promise to love you forever..be with you forever..i'll be honest and faithful..but please..do the same in return~~!! protect me..love me..show me that i'm the only one~~!! [[a message for MISTER]].. i don't even know who he is~!! hahaha~~!! :)


what a day~~!!!

where should i start first???the happy part??embarrassing past??or sad part??? hmmm...maybe i'll just do chronicle arrangement~~!!! >.<
kyaaaaaaah~!!! :O it was really embarrassing when someone teased you in front of MANY people~~!!gosh* as in~~!!! i really turned red at that moment~~!! haha~~!! would you imagine teasing you in front of more than 100 students... (138 students..estimated) haha.. its because of our clinical instructor~~!! he started teasing me with this "Manrique" guy of section C.. *i really don't know him* hahaha..i was just laughing at that guy..because instead of turning the board but twisting it..he actually lifted it by himself~~!! *hahahaha...i really laughed at him... :))* but it was not a super loud laugh...then after the report of that group...our clinical instructor started teasing me to him~~!! (ggggrr...) he even asked for a shake hands...(if it only happens to a 1 guy its fine with me) but what happens NEXT~?!?!?!?!

after the shake hands with "Manrique" guy..the crowd started shouting other guys last name~~!! gosh* really embarrassing~~!! =.= there were other two guys who had a shake hands with me..because the clinical instructors told them~~!! everyone was cheering...gosh* and i was so RED and super embarrassed...kyahahaha~~!! ^^, then after that..many of the are teasing me..i have a super long hair..longer than rupunzel~~!! (ang haba naman ng hair ni jhily) <- that kind of teasing~~!! hahaha~~!! silly them~~!! :PP gosh~~!! really can't forget this event~~!! SUPER SHYNESS~~!! =.=
what's the happy part~?!?! its~~~!! KARAOKE~~>>>hahaha~~!! it was really fun swear~~!! even i don't have that much talent in singing~~!! i still sang few songs~~!! hahaha~~!! it might rain if i sing too much~~~!! haha... :)) i just sing..eat..drink juice..and SING alot~~!! nyahahaha~~!!!

should i really post something for this one~?!?!?!?! well...


sad part??it was about some arguments between our family~~!! nah~~!! i don't mind it~~!! they also don't mind knowing me~~!! >.<>


최 종 훈...정말 사랑해!!!!

최 종 훈...정말 사랑해!!!! gosh!!! i really wish i could see him in person~~!!
or have a picture with him~~!! even just one picture only~~!! *gosh!! maybe someday i could see him in person~~!! hahahahaha~~!!!

aja..aja..aja... FIGHTING!!! :))

i really hope of that~~!! :)) its free to dream..so just let me have my dream~~!!
it might come true!! hahaha..and i have the virtue to make it come true~~!! ^____^

hahahaha~~!! *silliness attack* kyahahahaha~~~!!!!